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Friday, July 28, 2006

Forgot to mention...

So, with all the family craziness that's gone on, I've forgotten some stories to share. But I gotta leave for lunch in a few so i'll just mention the first one.

Remember the story about the
letter? Well, the ex decided to share it with all of us. One night, while having people over for another Catch Phrase marathon, the ex shows up with this blue book. So, he told us how he wanted all of us to see how psycho Bitch 2 is. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Ok, I don't think I mentioned how this was all delivered to him. Let me explain....

So, before she left on a trip with the other girls, she made him this scrapbook. Quite nice actually. It was from when they started dating, had song lyrics, pictures, the fancy scrapbooking stuff. It was probly around 15 pages long. Well, you get to the end, and there's this 3 page long letter that was taped to the back. It's classic. The first paragraph was about how important he has been to her...and then the first line of the second paragraph got all of us dying...

But, I just can't do it anymore... There was at least 10 of us or something all crowded around my living room reading this thing. Hilarious! Why would someone go through so much? I'll tell you why...One day she got all pissy when she had found all these scrapbooks he had from HS with his exes in it. I guess she just wanted something for him to remember her by? Just plain psychotic if you ask me. If I could, I'd scan it and share it with all of you. Cuz everyone deserves a good laugh.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bye - I'll miss you!

Just like my momma. lol. Last night I got some more things for my place and still can't get the blasted internet to pick up a good enough signal. It would get online, but never load anything. Oh well.

So on Monday a bunch of us got together to say good-bye to ER. She left Tuesday morning to head out to grad school across country. The night was fun, we hung out, had some beers, but when she left I was really sad. We met in high school, but it wasn't until after graduation that we became really close. Since she was only 2 hours away, she'd come up to save me from my ex's new girlfriend. She would be there so I didn't have to be the 5th wheel. Then I moved back down here - but did make visits up to her, and we'd hang out when she came home.

The relationship we have is great - we speak every once in awhile, and would hang out less frequently than that, but whenever we got together - it was like nothing had changed, no time had passed. I could count on her to see the movies we'd both be ashamed to admit we saw, but it worked. When she left on Monday, it really got to me. I know I'll talk to her still, but thinking about only seeing her 2 times a year is rough. I'm saving now to get me a plane ticket to visit her next spring. And her dog too. He's such a cute lil stinker. Even has his own faux-hawk before it was trendy.

I love my ER to death, hopefully the 2 years will fly, then she can come back and we can maybe go into business with each other. Be safe lil one!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alone with a fly

Well, today I'm working solo....My co-worker is working from home to keep an eye on her kids and neighbor - and the recruiter decided he's met his quota and is working from home today and tomorrow. Whatever. I've got my Ipod going, have a 2 hour lunch planned, and is just glad it's already Wednesday. The next two weeks are going to fly by...Saturday is CL & JL's going away party - where it's BYOF (bring your own flask), Sunday is a clean-up day, Monday - tattoo, Tuesday - Kelly Clarkson concert (yes, I am a fan), Thursday is my mommy's bday, and Saturday is her surprise picnic bday celebration.

My sister and I have organized a get together with some family, and family friends for the occasion. She's turning 50. My dad turns 50 the following week. But he's being a little shit and is heading to Vegas. I'm jealous! But not at the same time - cuz it'll be hotter than a monkey's ass. It's hot here. It's been feeling like 115-120 for the past 3 days. Ugh.

Oh yes, and there is a fly that keeps buzzing around my desk. It's very irritating. I know it'll die soon. They don't live for too long.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So, what a life-changing set of events. First, side note, I'm totally pissed off with Myspace. I just want to leave a fucking comment and it won't let me. Stupid Tom.

Anyways, last week my cousin from Florida flew out with her husband and two kids for a week and a half trip. The husband had a work training thing out here - so they all took the opportunity to fly out. I haven't seen this cousin in 18 years. I don't really remember meeting her - but I've seen pictures. So that works. Anyways, she's been battling with her addiction to alcohol. She's been to two treatment facilities, had 30 days of sobriety, then relapsed, and was now at another 30 days....

Last week my mom got a call from her husband that she had relapsed. But this time - it's way worse. She had gone out with the kids and my other cousin's husband. She dropped him off - and went to do errands. Well, I guess first she made a stop and bought a bottle of vodka and poured it into empty water bottles. She did her errands, and drinking in between. She had the two kids in the backseat - and in the end, had hit 2 parked cars (and fled), had open containers in her car, the kids in the backseat, and evaded the police for a bit. She finally stopped and was arrested. The daughter (7) had took the cell phone and called her dad crying that Mommy wouldn't stop and people were chasing them.

In the end, she was taken to jail, bail was finally posted, the kids don't understand what Jail is, and why she went there, and then the husband had to leave on Sunday with the kids - while the mom stayed here. She has her arraignment, but she's not on the list to be seen. She might leave tomorrow cuz she feels she's going to have a nervous breakdown since she's not home - and her family is on the other side of the country.

I can't believe that she relapsed. Well, maybe I can. But I can't believe she did it while putting her kids in all that danger. She was sober when she started - why did she drink and drive them around?? It's just frustrating.

And I wish I had a bowl of fruity pebbles - it makes everything better....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Good morning, I'm your new cousin...

So, yesterday I came to work and my dad emailed me that Surprise!! You have another cousin....

Apparently one of his brothers knocked a girl up 26-ish years ago...He didn't know but she told him a few months later. (they weren't together at the time). She told him she didn't want him involved in their lives, and that was that.

Well, the mom told the girl this week that her dad, isn't her biological father....But that her BF lives in the valley and stuff. So the girl was totally crazy right now - emotions all over the place. She looked his name up in the phone book (our name isn't generic...) and first called my grandmother. That didn't go far. So she tried the second name and reached my cousin. They talked, my cousin got ahold of our uncle to tell him that she called. He was cool with it, and I guess they talked a bit also.

So, this is how she found out about her BF. Her dad has parkinsen's and this week underwent brain surgery. Before the surgery, I guess the doctor's wanted to test her and her brother to see if they had the gene for parkinsen', the mom had to tell her that the dad she's only known wasn't her BF. Talk about freaking out. I do'nt know what I'd do if I was in that position. Totally insane.

So, now her, my cousin and my sister want to meet up. She lives in the same town as me, and actually JD remembers her - he went to elementary school with her lil bro, and remembers her because of her nickname. She doesn't like to go by her real name. So I thought that was cool. He just remembered she had gargantuous boobs. But, she had a reduction done, but they're still good sized. And she's on myspace - like the world - and she looks a lot like our family and the 3 sisters she has.

Thaqt's another thing - our uncle only wants to tell the oldest of the 3 about her, and not the 2 younger ones. He's such an idiot sometimes! It's just a waiting game now, I guess. My stepmom was like "Don't tell the daughters or his ex-wife...let him tell" No shit! I don't want to volunteer for that. My aunt can be a bit crazy at times!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It only took 7 months...

I got a camera for an early bday present on the "black friday" after Thanksgiving. Anyone who's ever worked in retail knows what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I got the camera and really have enjoyed it. I was sad, however, that the functions weren't too fantastic. But overall, I love it.

Well, now I love it even more!!! While at JD's softball game, JL and I were taking pics, and realizing we aren't too capable of getting the action shots...JD's arms were just a blur when he swung the bat. So, she started messing with her camera, and I did as well. I stumbled upon a FANTASTIC find!!! Apparently I have 18 other options listed under Best Shot. Insane! I thought I had read the manual when I first bought it - but apparently either I didn't, or I skipped over that section.

The best function EVER on there is called Coupling Shot. Basically, it takes 2 pictures and then blends them together. So, if it was just JD and me somewhere - I'd take a pic of him and then he would take a pic of me in the same spot, and it'd blend us and the background together. Isn't that crazy? Technology, it's fabulous!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Only 2 more weeks

So, I need to provide a small amount of history for the of JD's best friend, CL, has a birthday coming up in a few days (well, actually on Aug 5th) and him and his wife (JL) are going to be moving to Colorado. To celebrate his bday, JL wanted to plan something fun, but with the chaos of packing and getting ready for the move, it just wasn't working out properly. So, I said (semi-jokingly) that we should all get tattoos for his bday. He's a huge tat fan. I think he has 3 so far. maybe 4. Anyways, JL and CL loved the plan. JL and I both don't have any. JD has one. So, the plan was set - July 31st would be the day!

Ok, fast-forward now. There was some random thoughts on where I should get mine. I just couldn't decide. I knew I wanted cherry blossoms, because I really liked how they looked when I saw them on one of those tattoo shows. So, I knew that much. Now, placement. It's very important to pick a good spot. I didn't want it on the small of my back, because it's typical....and I also didn't want it to be the target....if ya know what I mean. (Men, so sick I tell you!!)

I thought one smal one behind my neck would be cute. I have really long hair, and usually wear it down. But I liked the idea that I could easily let it show, or hide it if necessary. My mother thought it was trashy there...JD basically said that's where whores get it...I completely disagree but whatever. I didn't want the 2 biggest people in my life thinking I'm some whorish white trash girl.

So, I didn't want it on my hip because I did want people to see it. So, I decided on the foot. I know it's gonna hurt like a muthafucka, but I think it'll be cute. I have cute feet. lol. So, last night I went with JL and JD and another friend, CC, to the tattoo place to talk to the artist. JD described what he wanted - roman numeral 5 - JL wants a mix of irises and orchids done on her hip, and, we're trying to talk CC into getting binary code to spell out his nickname. lol. It was so exciting!

There was a woman there getting a tattoo on her shoulder. She told me how the first one she got - it took her 5 years to get the gall to do it. Then, when they went to discuss the "design," her husband shut the door, they locked her in so she couldn't back out. After that episode, it took her 2 years to get into there again to do the second one. To ensure she went through with it - they had her pre-pay it to make sure she had to get it. She said it hurts like hell - but her husband and the artist said that she's the worst to take advice from on the pain.

So, everything was discussed with our guy. I'm so excited!!! I wish I was going in there tomorrow!!